Hello Visitors to “World of Bullcraft”

  • 24/01/2011

Welcome to “World of Bullcraft”, our site dedicated to our breedery of Bulldogs and Bullterriers and not in the least our game addiction World of Warcraft.

Both me and my wife love the game, and love the dogs. Thinking of a breedery in the light of our gaming habits an idea was born and “World of Bullcraft” saw the light. After the formal request with the F.C.I. and approval we are now the proud owners of this name.

We are still awaiting an answer from Blizzard Entertainment’s legal department in regards with how to give proper credits without breaking any copyrights or ownerships. When all that is done it’s gonna be partytime all around the place.

The disclaimer for now will do until it all is gonna be more or less official.