About time you say, Right you are!

  • 03/06/2011

Well, I said it last time that it was time for updates. Unfortunately due to circumstances I was unable to do anything (laptop died, work was hectic, so was private life and other things that kept me from doing my maintenance on the site). But now it’s really time for some updates, and we have quite a few things to do. I updated all the backend software to current versions (also all addons etc), and also changed some images and colorschemes. I also added a widget from Google so there’s instant machine translation of the website (which could make things easier for those that don’t read english that easy). Now on to the news of this period.

First of all from many owners of pups out of Emily’s first litter, we received pictures which will finally be added to each dog’s homepage. I moved the pages to their “A” category for the litter. I hope to have all the pictures complete and sorted in the next couple of days.

Secondly our bullterrier Pandora unfortunately didn’t catch on the covering with “Aston Martin” so the bullterrier litter is delayed for at least another 10 months (when we will have another shot at covering Pandora).

Third news is that we will have a addition to our family in the form of Dellylah “Didi” z Grodu Dawida. Her page is currently under construction, but safe to say she’s a wonderful snowwhite bulldog pup from Polish/Spanish/English bloodlines.

Fourth news (specially for the German owners in the North) is that we will be attending the International Dogshow in Rostock on October 8th, 2011 (that’s on a saturday when Group 2, Bulldogs, are shown). We will be initially showing Emily to the ringmaster in the open class, and we will also try to get Didi in the Youth Class (we’re not sure if she will have the required age for the youngest class, but either way she will come along to get used to the ring, show and other things around such a event).

So far the news, now the updates to the pages etc. Once I’m done with all the work, I will post another message stating it’s ready so you can all admire how Emily’s litter is growing up to be Beatifull Bulldogs of World of Bullcraft.