Second parts of the updates are done!

  • 07/10/2011

Lets get ready to Rumble!

The second part of the updates are done. Backend is now fully up-to-date and so are all plugins again. They update faster than I can do my work lately, haha! WordPress is fully functional and so are all the other things I have running here.

Preparations for Rostock Dogshow tomorrow…

Unfortunately my wife catched a stomachflue and will not be able to attend tomorrow. If I wake up in time (it’s still a few hours away) I will come with Emily and attend the show alone. Would mean I have to stand up around 5 AM to get there in time, but I will do my very best (we are registered after all, and it would be a waste of money not to attend). So with a bit of luck I attend a dogshow for the first time (that’s gonna be something). I never done it before (as I work most of the times) so it’s gonna be a first for many things. Let’s hope everything goes allright. Unfortunately Didi is not of age yet, so she will not be attending the event. This will have to wait for another show.

Pandora covered again…

Pandora has been covered again a few weeks ago, this time with another white male with excellent credentials. More information will be added in due time (I really lack the time at the moment, but I agree things have to be in order on the site). Latest in a week or 2 we will be more sure about the state of Pandora (pregnant or not) and then we will inform here ofcourse about the way of things.

That’s it for now. After the show tomorrow I will post some updates. Unlikely I will have pictures since it’s just me alone, but if there’s any I will ofcourse post them here along with the story. For those that attend Rostock tomorrow, see you there!