More pictures added and other info’s!

  • 06/12/2011

Well, I’ve added already alot of material without announcing it. But I’ve managed to organize it all correctly, label it etc. so now the official announce. Each pup and the main page for Pandora’s “B” litter has been updated with lots of photo’s again.

They have their eyes opened already for some time and are starting on more ‘solid’ food (dry pedigree junior, which is suitable from 1 month old, soaked in water) besides the twice daily bottle of Royal Canin Puppymilk and ofcourse all the milk mommy produces to it. They are a hungry lot, haha. And they grow like cabbage now that they get more different things.

Also the socialising process is on full speed. Our kids play with them (and their friends too). The other dogs in the family get acquainted with the pups (and Emily is very willing to adopt them. She’s constantly trying to sneak in the playtub and lie down to feed them). So all in all everything is going fine.

Lastly to inform that all the females are reserved by their future owners (down payments are received and Reservations markers are set on the site and internet). Only males are now available from this litter so head over to the males section and marvel at their beauty.

Enjoy the new added media.