All pups have a new owner!

  • 18/01/2012

Just a short update to everyone watching these pages. All Pandora’s pups have found a new home. Bath’rah is the last to leave us coming sunday (the advance for him has been received). All others are at their new homes from the end of 2011 to recently, hopefully having the time of their lives.

Ofcourse when we receive photo’s and/or other information we update the pages here. So for now this will be one of the last of the frequent messages since everything has been handled and done.

When we have the show calendars for 2012 set I will ofcourse inform here where we will show our dogs, as well as other information that could be of interest (example the current Polish legislation on breeding dogs. It’s currently not allowed to breed and/or sell dogs and cats without FCI Pedigrees).

Also in approximately a month there will be updates for Emily again (She’s on a visit with a new male partner. That page still needs to be created so no link as of yet. If the visit was succesful we will know in about a month whether or not we will be expecting Bulldog pups again).

So for now I wish all the new owners much fun and hope to read and see you all soon.