Photo and Info Update on Emily’s “C” Litter.

  • 09/04/2012

Hello and welcome back to the newsupdate regarding Emily’s Litter.

Emily’s doing great. All 8 pups (4 females and 4 males) are doing great and don’t even need the additional feeding of milk anymore. Emily is producing enough to keep em all in great shape (and is eating like crazy herself to produce enough milk). Soon we will start with the more solid food (Royal Canin Starter made to a porridge) and then they will probably grow even faster. They are already crawling around, and have eyes opened. voicing their needs, and also complain when Mommy escapes for a moment to have a snack or a drink.

Since I came home last weekend I’m sorting trough paperwork, photo’s, video’s etc to organize and add them to the site. The “C” Litter page is created with loads of photo’s added (60+ at least), and so is the page of the Stud “Fabio” we used for this litter together with some photo’s, F.C.I. Family Tree, Card of Covering, contact info of Fabio’s owner etc.

The individual Pup pages are still to be created, and it’s waiting on the wife to come up with their names. Since I named the last nest (Pandora’s “B” litter) it’s the wife’s turn to think of names for the pups (and most likely these are not all gonna be based on World of Warcraft like I tend to do). Once I have the names, individual photo’s and their pages done I will link them one by one from Emily’s “C” Litter page.

That’s the news so far. So go and have a look at the photo’s, check out the stud and keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.