Individual pages for the “C” pups created.

  • 12/04/2012

Hello and welcome back to yet another update.

Those frequent visitors have already noticed I created the individual pages of each pup and linked them to the names which my wife has come up with on the “C” Litter page. I decided to make a additional post for those that are not browsing the site (and hence didn’t notice the changes).

Below you find the names and links to each page with at least a few photo’s. I’m not familiair enough with the pups to describe their characters yet so I left that out. My wife has this knowledge and is happy to answer any emails or phonecalls regarding the subject.



There is lots of interest in the pups so I expect they will not be available for long, but we’ll see how things go. Interest comes from England, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and ofcourse Poland. When there’s a reservation, I will update the pages as long as I’m able to (as long as I’m home). On the pages itself it will say which country the pups are going to.