Newsflash (finally you might say)…

  • 27/12/2012

Wow, never expected so much work and time goes into moving to a new house that needs lots of work (it was neglected to say the least), haha.
We’re so busy with everything that the site completly got to the background.

First off our Bullterriër Pandora is expecting Pups around the change of 2012/2013 (she’s calculated around 2nd of January to deliver).
We covered her with Severus Snape Verbena, and it was succesfull (considering she’s turning into a balloon on legs, hihi).
I will try and create the courtesy page for Severus today, together with some foto’s, the F.C.I. family tree and the Card of Covering and relink this post to it all.

Secondly, the new design of the site will have to wait a tad longer, as I really don’t have a proper time to read myself into and master the new templates and redesign it’s graphics and functions.
Besides I re-installed my laptop with Windows 8 Pro x64 MCE as well which is not helping either (I hate the Metro screen, hurray for Classic Shell), hence the reason design is on hold for a bit longer.

And ofcourse all the time and/or work that goes into the house, our kids, our dogs and everything around here plus I’m ofcourse still working 3 weeks for 3 weeks trough Europe (and beyond).

So today I decided to free some time to create pages, update pages (unfortunately we didn’t get any updates on our past litters so I can’t give any news on that front) and make everything work again. I did however already update all the plugins and the backend of this site (WordPress 3.5).