The names have been picked.

  • 28/01/2013

Hello readers and frequent visitors of these pages.

The names for Pandora’s “D” Litter have been picked.
I made a list of names and my wife decided on which ones to use.
Some are references to World of Warcraft characters and some are titles, people or personages from movies, series, a play by Shakespeare and even a expression.
We decided on the following names:



I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do now. Soon their individual pages will be made and linked to several pages on this blog, and we can start on the updates of all media like individual and general pictures, more video’s etc.

Meanwhile I’ve also created a Facebook page for World of Bullcraft. It’s gonna be some time before it’s gonna look how I want it to look. As I’m not very familiar with Facebook’s possibilities and API settings, I don’t do much with it currently. I’ve set it up so people can see a bit what’s going on there as well, and to give us another face on the WWW besides our YouTube channel.