All pups are at their new homes…

  • 03/06/2013

Hello Readers and Owners,

All the pups from Didi’s “E” Litter are now at their new families and houses troughout Austria, Germany and Poland. Eleanor was the last to leave us this morning, and she went to Germany. We hope everyone is doing fine and are getting used to their new family member and vice versa ofcourse. When we receive updates they will ofcourse be posted and announced here.

Our Emily is going on a date at the end of this week with “Tres Llunes Invictus” (who also sired Didi’s “E” Litter). If the date was succesful and when we expect the small ones will be ofcourse posted here.

Making this combination is gonna bring together 25% Polish with 75% American blood (Emily’s Father is Henegars Rockin Remington, owned by the renowned Czin Czin kennel which also has a history in Emily’s Family Tree) and 15% Spanish with 85% English blood (Invictus has bloodline breeding from the Sealaville Kennel) with which we hope to achieve very pretty and healthy pups as well as a mild character after their mother (which she did pass on to her last two litters).