First steps in recreating the website

  • 29/07/2013

I’ve started the first steps into recreating the website after the total loss.

There’s still loads of work to be done but first bits are there (basic structure). Most of the menu items are not working yet, but each will be restored in time. It’s just a very long process. Also recreating all pages, images and other stuff will be a time consuming thing. But luckily we have most pictures in some form or another (either stored online, on the wife’s computer or on my laptop, there’s a bit everywhere.

I will first try to create the basic pages for each part of the website before adding in content. It’s a real shame, but at the same time I took the chance to redo the website in total (as you can see a different layout with some more functionality). Also social buttons are added as we noticed that Facebook seems to be a preferred method of communicating these days.

So this is a work in progress, and it will take some time (especially since I have to work soon, so the development will be halted for 3 weeks). Either way there’s a progress to be seen. Just hang in there for the end results 🙂

Until next time!