Restoration 70% completed…

  • 01/08/2013

Hello again,

As it stands I have about 70% of the website restored to it’s ‘former glory’. Except for the A trough D litter pages and their sub-pages (individual pups), all other pages should be functional or at least existing. I’m missing a few pictures already but we gonna raid the wife’s HDD’s tomorrow to see if anything still lingers there in some nested folders. Everything that is missing, is from December 2012 and newer.

So far I uploaded around 350 images from the 1200 I still had. Most of the images still to be done are nearly all from the litter pages, and some new galleries that I have to create for the rest of them related to shows and stuff.

The new site is a fact though. It’s working a treat and feedback so far was all positive (looks great, works great etc). So all in all a positive note to the whole story, since this made me go trough with the new design I already had for quite some time now. And I’m happy too now that I did it. The results are great, the site look great, and it’s actually about our dogs now, haha. Just the actual landing page I still have to do something about to make it more obvious we’re in the dogs and not that much in the game.

So far the news update. this might be the last one for some time since work is lurking around the corner. Whenever I have a chance I update the missing parts. The very last to be done will be posts from earlier. All the images in those are gone too and all links are oldfashioned (permalink structure has changed). Might well be I am going to leave those as they are, or I have to be very bored to manually change them over. We’ll see, time will tell.

Till next time, Mike.