Didi’s ‘F’ Litter

  • 09/05/2014


Hello Readers and Followers,

Finally a short moment to organize pictures and post some information on what’s going on!
Our Didi has 2 daughters and 4 sons born on 01-04-2014 trough C-section by our veterinarian in Lubsko.
The veterinarian checked and determined a natural delivery would be impossible.

The litter was again sired by Tres Llunes Invictus (same combination as with Didi’s ‘E’ Litter) so to get a impression of how the pups might develop you can look at the gallery).

All pups are doing great and are already partly on ‘solid’ food (Royal Canin Babydog Starter)
Their individual pages are in the works (I hope to have time for it tonight as well, if not then in the next few days/nights).
Responsible for the name picking this round was my wife (it was her turn).



I’ve added the pictures to each individual page. I hope I’ve posted the right pictures to the right puppy.

Updates to follow soon!