Claudia’s ‘G’ Litter

  • 18/05/2014


Hello Readers and Followers,

Another basket full of life and love has joined us at home!
Our Claudia has 4 females and 4 males born on 30-04-2014 trough C-section by our veterinarian in Lubsko.
The veterinarian checked with ultrasound and determined a natural delivery was impossible due to a very big pup at the start.

The litter was sired by ‘Impressive Bull Jetred’

All pups are doing great.
Their individual pages are in the works (I hope to have time for it in the next few days/nights).
Responsible for the name picking this round will be my wife again.



  • Gerald (Reserved – Poland)
  • Gigi (Reserved – Germany)
  • Gilbert (Reserved – Poland)
  • Gino (Reserved – Germany)

The names are picked and the pages are made and linked to their names (so you can click their names to get to their own pages).

Updates to follow soon!