Just a short scribble

  • 25/05/2014

Hello everyone,

Just a short scribble from me.
I’m back at work on my foodtanker truck, so updates will be slow from this side on the website and Facebook.
My actual working day will start 6 AM tomorrow morning.

A update on Didi’s F litter pups…

Fleur is reserved and will go to her new owners once they are back from vacation.
Fabio, Felix and Freddy have been picked up by their new owners and are in located in Germany and Poland.

So that means (as far as I know) that Felicia and Fernando are still available from Didi’s F litter.

Also the wife and children will take care of the naming of Claudia’s G Litter. I will not have a chance to do so while at work. So lucky for them, they get to pick all the names this time.