Audi ‘Emily’ Kaplus

Welcome to Emily’s Homepage!

Audi ‘Emily’ Kaplus is our first Bulldog in the family (Click FrontSide | BackSide for her F.C.I. Familytree). Well, actually it’s my wife’s bulldog since it was her (unvoluntairy) choice to have someone in the family that can snore even louder than me 😀

How did we get Emily:

Emily was “First Pick” out of the nest, as reward for the covering of Prima “Amudaria” with Henegars “Rockin Remington”. The owner of Henegars is a friend of ours. Since Henegars is a import Bulldog from the USA, it means fresh blood in the Bulldog lines available in Poland and Europe. This results in less likely “Defects” like skin problems, breathing problems and other diseases that appear  in the Bulldog breed in general. We didn’t really know about all possible problems, until the owner of Henegars pointed us on these facts. So far we are happy to say we have none of these problems with Emily whatsoever.

Personality of Emily:

She’s a healthy and happy Bulldog running around with our kids and dogs. She’s friendly to everybody, likes all kinds of things to eat (fruit, vegetables, chicken, pig and ofcourse also dry food) and doesn’t seem to have problems digesting it. She’s lying around, best at your feet (which is a nice feetwarmer during cold days) and snoring like there’s no tomorrow. All in all a funny Bulldog.

Shows and Achievements of Emily to date:

Emily’s Litters: