Coloroco Lollipop Girl ‘Bonnie’

Welcome to Bonnie’s Homepage!

Bonnie is a white female bullterriër, with patches at the same place as our Lola has. She’s quite the hand full but eager to learn and please her masters. She’s already house trained after 3 days of consequent watching her (sssst don’t tell anyone, she also sleeps on bed with me). Pandora offered herself to nurture her as a mommy would, while Lola watches her on her outside walks. All in all it’s going great with the integration into the family.

How did we get her:

Well, we regularly watch the internet for the races we breed, just in case a beautiful exemplar passes the revue. Bonnie was one of those with which we both had a connection. She has the head shaped like a dolfin, just incredible. We immediately called, and learned she’s part of the coloroco / karmakoma kennel. After making a appointment near instantly we went over to the holiday address to meet her, and if the connection was mutual, take her home which it was.