Welcome to Fleur’s Homepage!

Fleur is a female in Didi’s “F” Litter.
She is reserved and once her new mistress is back from vacation, she will go to Germany.


Forsyte SagaFleur Forsyte was born in 1901, the only child of Soames and Annette Forsyte.
Her middle-aged father doted on and spoiled her.
She was pretty, clever, wilful and sometimes conniving.

In 1920 she met and fell in love with her second cousin Jon Forsyte.
But Jon turned out to be “forbidden fruit” because of a family secret.
Years ago Fleur’s father and Jon’s mother had been married!
The memory of their bitter divorce and enmity became an insurmountable obstacle to the young lovers, who were torn apart by the family.
Jon left England for British Columbia while Fleur, on the rebound, married her other suitor, the aristocratic Michael Mont.