Alyissia “Abra Cadabra”


Welcome to Alyissia’s Homepage!

Alyissia is a brown and white female bulldog pup. She is smaller than her brothers, but of equal size as her sister Airae.

Alyissia is the pup with the shortest tail of them all. She’s one of the pups we feed a bit extra on Royal Canin’s puppy milk. She’s not as demanding for the bottle as her sister, but she has the current record for catching the nipple and sucking the bottle empty.

Alyissia is the calmer one of the 2 sisters, but can make herself heared too when there’s an “Emergency”. When we say “Emergency” think of the simple needs of a pup.

  • I want to go to the toilet.
  • I want food.
  • I want a wash.
  • I want to sleep, let me be!

Never wake up a bulldog pup if you value your peace 😀

Alyissia already lives with her new family.

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

AlyissiaAbra CadabraAlyissia “Abra Cadabra” is not a actual NPC in World of Warcraft. Her name consists of 2 NPC names combined.

My wife insisted on the name Alicia (which turned into Alyissia) but it didn’t feel quite complete yet. While we were browsing trough the names, she noticed Abra Cadabra. And that’s how Alyissia “Abra Cadabra” got created.