Pandora Niebezpieczne Zwiazki

Welcome to Pandora’s Homepage!

Pandora is our first F.C.I. Bullterriër in the family (Click Frontside | Backside of her F.C.I. Familytree). After having cared for several ‘rescue dogs’ we decided on one of our own.

How did we get Pandora:

After browsing the internet we found an advert with Pandora on the picture. She was at that time already 4 months old, nearly 5 even. My wife liked her from the very start due to her funny spot on the eye and the opposite ear. After some preparations we travelled to Torun (Kujawsko Pomorskie) to pick her up. Having her checked trough by a local vet, and all papers and contracts signed we took her back home with us.

Personality of Pandora:

She’s a healthy and happy Bullterrier running around with our kids and our other dogs. She’s friendly to almost everybody, likes all kinds of things to eat (fruit, vegetables, chicken, pig and ofcourse also dry food) and doesn’t seem to have problems digesting it. She is not too fond of smaller dogs. This probably has to do with a experience when she was small (concerning a certain Jackrussel terriër that bit her to blood on the snout when she was small). She’s lying around, not on any particular place. But a blanket is always appreciated. Further she’s reasonably garding of nature, especially towards our children and the wife (and funny enough not to me. She rather protects the wife and kids from me). All in all a healthy Bullterrier with a reasonable mild personality.

Shows and Achievements of Pandora to date:

Pandora’s Litters:

On 11-11-2011 in Świnoujście (Swinemünde, Poland) were born 3 females and 5 males partly natural (2) and partly trough C-section (6) by our Veterinarian. The nest is sired by Atylla Hun ‘Pepper’ Bule z Buzy.
On 04-01-2013 in Grabów (Poland) were born 5 females and 2 males trough C-section by a Veterinarian in Żary. The nest is sired by Severus Snape Verbena.