Braelyn “Firehand”

Welcome to Braelyn’s Homepage!

Braelyn has patches at the base of both ears, however it covers the right ear nearly completely whilst on the left ear it’s only the bottom part.

Not much to tell about her as they are all still small and don’t have opened eyes yet. She’s lively and crawling around and is reasonably calm when she’s on the nipple. Also the extra bottles go in like sweets so all in all no problems.

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

Braelyn "Firehand"Braelyn Firehand is a mean-spirited level 30 blood elf quest giver who resides in Sun Rock Retreat in the contested territory of Stonetalon Mountains, and she entices travelers to carry out acts of violence against the night elves. She harbors a special hatred for Keeper Ordanus in Ashenvale, and actively speaks of hiring a stranger to carry out Ordanus’s assassination.

She is currently working for the Shadow Council sect at Jaedenar, making it something of a mystery why she would be tolerated in a town governed by the reformed Horde. Her attitude and actions differ drastically from the other Horde forces in Stonetalon, although if you’ve done the Hidden Enemies quest chain, finding people loyal to the Shadow Council within the Horde is not that mysterious. Her current objectives are to restore the flow of magic in the area by slaughtering the night elf druids and sons of Cenarius at Stonetalon Peak, as well as locating and killing the keeper Ordanus. She seems to be extraordinarily old as she says she knew Ordanus once.