Pandora’s “D” Litter

Our fourth ”World of Bullcraft” Litter were Bullterrier Puppies from our female “Pandora” Niebezpieczne Zwiazki. The nest is sired by Severus Snape Verbena.

The FCI “Certificate of Mating” is available to view here.

5 females and 2 males were born on 04-01-2013 trough C-section by a Veterinarian in Żary (Poland). The waters broke but there was no birth. After waiting for a few hours we decided to inform the veterinarian. He decided to intervene and perform a C-section.

Everything is going well with the small ones. They are all growing nicely, start to crawl around and voice their needs. Due to the C-section there was a delayed producing of milk by Pandora, so we are feeding them additionally by bottle. We feed them with Royal Canin Babydog milk which has proven itself in the past to be reliable as replacement for mommy’s milk.

Each pup has his or her own page with photo’s of themselves and a bit of information about the Name they have gotten. You can click on the names below to go to their own homepage.



More information and pictures will be uploaded in due time and when they become available to us.