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Gucci is a female in Claudia’s “G” Litter.
Once she comes of age, she will go to her new family in Germany.


GucciGucci  is an Italian fashion and leather goods brand, part of the Gucci Group, which is owned by French company Kering.

The Gucci company became one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of high-end leather goods, clothing, and other fashion products.

As an immigrant in Paris and then London, working in exclusive hotels, young Guccio Gucci was impressed with the luxurious luggage he saw urbane guests bring with them.
Upon returning to his birthplace of Florence, a city distinguished for high-quality materials and skilled artisans, he established a shop in 1920 that sold fine leather goods with classic styling.

The company made handbags of cotton canvas rather than leather during World War II as a result of material shortages.
The canvas, however, was distinguished by a signature double-G symbol combined with prominent red and green bands.