Dellylah “Didi” z Grodu Dawida

Welcome to Didi’s Homepage!

Dellylah “Didi” z Grodu Dawida is our second Bulldog in the family (Click Frontside for her FCI Familytree). Let’s see if she can beat Emily with the snore chorus and disturb my wife’s nightrest even better than Emily does (I sleep just fine, haha).

How did we get Dellylah:

While browsing around on the internet we stubled upon a advert with very pretty white and white/brown spotted Bulldog puppies. Reading trough the advert, and checking a few things on the internet (hooray for google) like parents, bloodlines and heritage we decided to contact the breeder for more information. After some mailing with pictures and phone contact we decided on the only snowwhite female pup (we like the lighter colors). Since she was just 4 weeks old during our contact with the breeder we also had the opportunity to “rename” her to one of our choice, as long as it would start with the letter “D”, and so Dellylah became our choice. We will call her Didi in practice, but the name fits nicely to our kennel, since it’s (as all of our newborns) related to World of Warcraft.

Personality of Dellylah:

Didi was behaving very dominant, however she’s never been the leader of the pack.
She tried to muscle her way in, but didn’t succeed.
Now that she had her first litter, she has calmed down and is not so outspoken present in behaviour.
She’s doing alot better now within the pack and is not trying to boss the others around anymore.
Taurus (our male) is one of her best friends currently, as if she is seeing him as her own pup.

Shows and Achievements of Dellylah to date:

No show achievements so far.

Didi’s Litters:

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

Dellylah NPC in World of Warcraft Dellylah is a female level 9 food and drink vendor located in Aldrassil, in the night elf starting zone Teldrassil.