Bath’rah “The Windwatcher”

Welcome to Bath’ran’s Homepage!

Bath’ran is one of the biggest males at the moment (Baron is a bit bigger which is his ‘lookalike’ brother). He has a smaller patch on the right side at the base of the ear and a big patch on the left side going from the ear halfway to the eye.

Not much to tell about him as they are all still small and don’t have opened eyes yet. He’s lively and crawling around and is the pusher when he wants another nipple after he emptied the one he got from us. We always have to watch him so that he doesn’t steal the nipples from others while drinking. He also enjoys his extra bottles of milk alot (Big puppy, lots of food, haha).

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

Bath'rah "The Windwatcher"Bath’rah the Windwatcher is a level 35 quest giver located at the Chillwind Point ruins (80,67) in the contested territory of Alterac Mountains.

He is a weaponcrafter who has taken up the life of a hermit. A great elemental creature known as the Cyclonian lives in the ruins and Bath’rah desires to use the heart of the creature to make a great weapon.

He hopes that one day he’ll find a champion to defeat the elemental