Daisy Duke

Welcome to Daisy Duke’s Homepage!

Daisy is a completely white female with 2 black spots on her right ear. She’s very playful and happy, just a sweetheart. She likes the extra bottles of puppy milk.

Daisy Duke is living with her new family in Poland and in daily life she’s called Miki.

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

daisyDaisy is a voluptuous and vivacious human barmaid. In addition to that job, she also serves as the official “race starter girl” at the Mirage Raceway. On a race day she goes out in skimpy attire, stands in front of the vehicles, and waves a starting flag to send them on their way. For this she gets paid a day’s wage, which admittedly isn’t much, but it’s something. Daisy likes to go visit her friends and family in Theramore, but she rarely can afford it. There just isn’t enough traffic at the inn for her tips to cover a gryphon flight or caravan ride. She often appeals to visitors for money if they have been in town a day or so. She pretends to be a somewhat simple-minded girl but in fact is surprisingly intelligent, having come up with several potential ways to get enough money to take a vacation.

This World of Warcraft NPC is ofcourse a reference to Daisy Duke (a personage from ‘The Dukes of Hazard’), a role that has been played by 3 different woman: Catherine Bach (TV Series), Jessica Simpson (Movie 2005) and April Scott (Movie 2007).