Arantir “The Hand of Chaos”

Welcome to Arantir’s Homepage!

Arantir is currently the most dominant males in the nest. Arantir is very demanding and the biggest in the nest at the moment, currently brownish colored with a funny dark round pigment dot next to his mouth on his lip (which would be more suited for a female as beauty spot but oh well. You can’t have it all in life, now can you) besides the pigment spot on his chin.

He’s happily lying around, not making much trouble, or beep for anything in particular. He’s a very nice and pleasant pup, calm behaviour and gentle personality.

Arantir already lives with his new family.

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

Arantir "The Hand of Chaos"Arantir “The Hand of Chaos” is a level 45 elite night elf Alliance NPC in the Lakeshire Docks, in the Redridge Mountains.

In his youth in Darkshore he discovered the Thistle Tea.

He has come to the Redridge Mountains to recover the Horns of Nez’ra, which were stolen from Ravenholdt Manor by the Blackrock orcs many years ago.