Karmacoma Superstylin

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Karmacoma Superstylin’

Biography for Karmacoma Superstylin’

Born on 4th May 2011
Father: Madrigal Jas-Ver
Mother: Karmacoma Brightness of these days
Weight: ~30kg
Title: Junior Champion Poland

Superstylin’ is the Male Stud that we used for Déjà-vu’s Covering (this resulted in 8 pups, 4 females and 4 males. For more information look at the page for Déjà-vu’s “K” Litter).

We choose Superstylin’ to mate with Déjà-vu because of his nice shaped head, good bone volume (as you can see on the pictures), very nice dynamics and a easy personality and last but not least because he’s red too like our loesja.

His owner/handler is ms. Sylwia who resides in Opole (Poland). Her kennel is FCI registered and Superstylin’ full-filled all show obligations to qualify as Stud.