Airae Starseeker “Mistress of Nightsabers”


Welcome to Airae’s Homepage!

Airae is a red and white female bulldog pup. She’s smaller than her brothers, but of equal size as her sister Alyissia.

But that doesn’t mean she’s any weaker. She’s very confident, strong, and not afraid to say what’s on her little heart. She’s one of the pups we feed a bit extra on Royal Canin’s puppy milk, and that’s what she’s demanding now.

Whenever the whistle of the kettle goes when boiling some water for a tea of coffee and the little lady is hungy (She wakes up from the sound), she sounds her voice that she would like “a drink” too.

And usually that ends up in us having a cold tea or coffee, and the lady a warm filled belly with milk.

Oh, and did I mention already she hates to have her pictures taken! She always turns away from the camera. We’ll try harder 🙂

Airae already lives with her new family. In her daily life she’s named “Aira” (so just the letter ‘e’ is skipped). We received a few emails and some early photo’s of Aira and her housemates Shorty and Maja which are ofcourse added to her gallery.

World of Warcraft NPC Biography:

Airae StarseekerAirae Starseeker is a level 80 quest giver that can be found in the Silver Covenant Pavilion of the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown.

There she’s a part of the Argent Tournament event and hands out daily quests for future crusaders to fulfill.