Severus Snape Verbena

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Severus Snape Verbena

Biography for Severus Snape Verbena.

Born on the 25th of July 2009
Mother: ENYA Złota Obsesja
Weight: * Kilograms.

Severus is the Male Stud that we used for Pandora’s second Covering (this resulted in 7 pups, 5 females and 2 males. For more information look at the page for Pandora’s “D” Litter).

We choose Severus to mate with Pandora because of his coloration (we hope to gain a red pup for our own kennel out of this combination), a good possibility to regain the Kilacabar treats in this offspring, a very balanced structure, smooth dynamics and a tempered personality (Click FrontSide for his FCI Familytree).

His owner/handler is P. Siudeja who resides in Częstochowa (śląskie, Poland). You can reach her by phone on the number +48 660 280 078 for more information about stud services. Severus Snape full-filled all show obligations to qualify as Stud.