captain jack

Update Captain Jack, Cerberus and Carlos.

  • 07/06/2012

Hello readers, owners and other interested people reading this 'blog', Here's a short update with some pictures from the new owners of Captain Jack (now known as Watson), pictures and even a video we've received from the new owners of Cerberus (now known as Holger) and pictures from the new owners of Combat Master Carlos (now known as Oscar). The pictures are added to their individual pages, and the video I've uploaded to our YouTube channel for convenience and linked it below here. Thanks for the updates, it's nice to see what's happening with them. [youtube][/youtube]


Captain Jack

  • 10/04/2012

Welcome to Captain Jack’s Homepage! Captain Jack is already living with his new family (Holland). We have received pictures from the new owners of Captain Jack who is now known as Watson. He lives in Holland and the Stafford you can see on the pictures is his favorite playmate. He's having a great time with his new owners and is growing rapidly.