First photo’s of Emily’s litter uploaded.

  • 29/01/2011

Hello and welcome (back?).

First photo’s of Emily’s litter have been uploaded. We named the pups and decided to clasically start with the letter A. We’ve created a gallery for each pup besides the general page for “Our Litters”. More pictures and info will be uploaded and posted in due time. Here are the names we picked for our pups from the extensive NPC lists available on the internet (If you click on the name of the pup you go to their own page with photo’s of themselves and some info about the name we’ve given).



As you can see alot of work is going into setting up and maintaining the site, so it’s gonna be a while before all area’s will be populated. But for now we try to supply most important information and media and update the rest as we go. I hope you like the results so far. We are quite happy with it 🙂