2 video’s of the pups in action!

  • 05/02/2011

Hello and welcome back.

We’ve opened a YouTube page for World of Bullcraft. On there we will try to upload movies of the pups as they progress trough their growing up. So much growing up to go, haha. The video’s are nice, but you might want to lower the sound (as one is beeping for food, and mommie doesn’t want to lie down). I added the video’s here as well, but for when you don’t feel like visiting the site, there’s the YouTube page.

We also made many more photo’s which will be uploaded during the coming 48 hours. These photo’s will be added to each of the pups homepages and on the general “Our Litter”  page. The second video is the continuance of the first movie. All in all you can see how they are starting to wander around (or like Arthas be lazy and lie around).

Video 1 of our pups crawling around


Video 2 of our pups crawling around