I’m back home, time for updates!

  • 06/03/2011

Sorry for such a long time without any posts and updated information and pictures. As I’m the one maintaining the site, I was unable to do so while I was at work. But now I’m back so I can put the latest pictures and information on the site during the next few days (and also perform a few updates on the backend of the site as some modules are in need of a update).

First of all quick to mention that for now all pups are reserved and some are already home with their proud new owners. Airae, Akoru, Anduin and Arthas are enjoying their last days with us and Emily before their new owners come and pick them up.

Also the tattooing and nest checkup (obviously) has taken place during my working period. All the pups have their tattoo and F.C.I. birth certificates. Luckily there was a kind person to help my wife with the transport to the (by F.C.I.) appointed veterinarian in Sczcecin and assisted in carrying around the pups. It saved me and my wife alot of trouble that way since I was not able to assist.

So expect some updates coming in the next few days (and I will inform accordingly what has been updated)