Pandora’s Expecting Pups @ 11-11-2011

  • 20/10/2011

Well, judging by the development of Pandora’s belly and nipples, we can assume that she’s pregnant and is expecting her litter around 11-11-2011. We’ve paired her with Atylla Hun ‘Pepper’ Bule z Buzy, which is currently the best Bullterriër male in Poland and beyond. Currently he’s selected to represent Poland at the F.C.I. World Champion of Champions competition in Brussels (where he came in second!).

Unfortunately I’m preparing for my 3 weeks working period and will most likely not be home for birth. This is very unfortunate for my wife who’s gonna have to sacrifice her first nights of sleep with the pups, but work is work and that also has to be done to pay the bills, though I rather be present to intervene in case that’s needed. And 4 hands make work lighter after all. But she will have assistance of our daughter during the day (so the wife can take a nap).

We opted to have a natural birth with our veterinarian on stand-by in case things go hairy. I don’t think it’s needed but better safe than sorry. Pandora is healthy and in a excellent condition so she should not have any troubles (unless the pups are huge).

So the expected date is around 11th of November 2011. Stay tuned!