Pandora has 8 pups born, all are healthy!

  • 15/11/2011

3 females and 5 males were born on 11-11-2011 partly natural (2) and partly trough C-section (6) by our Veterinarian here in Świnoujście (Poland). After the first 2 pups were born there was a delay of a few hours (nothing to worry about generally). Our Veterinarian on standby decided to induce labouring by injecting Oxytocin. However it didn’t yield any results. Therefor it was decided to intervene and perform a C-section to ‘rescue’ the remaining 6 pups.

Everything is going well with the small ones. They are all growing nicely, start to crawl around and voice their needs. Due to the C-section there was a delayed producing of milk by Pandora, so we are feeding them additionally by bottle. We feed them with Royal Canin Babydog milk which has proven itself in the past to be a reliable replacement for mommy’s milk.

I’m preparing Pandora’s “B” Litter page and as follow up the individual pages for each of the pups once we have the naming sorted. The owner of Atylla Hun “Pepper” Bule z Buzy has yet to choose one of the pups as reward for the covering. It will be a female, that much is sure, but which one has yet to be determined.