More pictures, video’s and first reservations.

  • 23/11/2011

Hello visitors and readers of this blogsite about our kennel and it’s litters.

We haven’t been sitting on our hands (or mouse if you like). We’ve uploaded a immense amount of pictures, old and new, ranging from our own dogs, Emily’s pups updates (we received a few more pictures from Alyssia), Didi, and ofcourse now Pandora’s litter in general and each individual pup. All in all I think about 100 or more pictures have been added so go and click around to enjoy the new additions to the site.

Further I’ve taken the liberty to update the youtube channel to current, and also upload a few video’s the wife has made of the males in the nest. I will embed a video here, and the rest you can view at our YouTube channel WorldOfBullcraft (where else :D)



And then the last but certainly not the least of novities, Bloodrose “Datura” and Bonnie “Stoneflayer” (Both are females) have already been reserved by their future owners. So if you have any questions or interest in any of the other pups, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.