Merry Christmas Everybody!

  • 24/12/2011

Well, from all of us here in Swinoujcie a very merry christmas!

Just a short newsflash as the next few days is the time for family, presents, nice home made food and cakes and all other enjoyments that accompany christmas. No white christmas this year over here. There was a bit of snow but it’s too warm to stay. Now it’s raining and close to freezing point. There is snow expected around new year, but it’s not sure yet. Either way I hope from my point of view that it will wait until after the second because I go back to work then.

And now a bit of news on the pups. They all have had their check-up at F.C.I. Szczecin and are tattooed and have their first round of injections. They all passed their physicals with flying colors. Exterior, build, colorations are all within race standards. Our litter was the first in two years for the F.C.I. region Szczecin, so there were loads of people (mostly Judges for shows who came on private account) to see the litter and check the pups out.

There has been a few small changes in names on request of the future owners (and one done on our account, just because we thought it was funny). Bloodrose is now called “British Beauty”, Bonnie is now called “Black Sheep” and Baine is now called “Bad Luck Bert” (after Bert from Bert and Ernie at Sesame Street due to the eyebrow he has). He managed to escape from the closure but before he had a chance to take off my wife catched him and said Bad Luck, Bert (we were calling him Bert already for some time).  Laughing about it, we realised it started with a B, and then decided to call him Bad Luck Bert.

And as a reminder we still have 3 males (Bert, Baron and Bath’rah) and a female (Braelyn) available. The rest of the pups are reserved and will depart with us when they are ready.

Enjoy the holidays everyone! from World of Bullcraft.