First pups to their new homes

  • 29/12/2011

Hello and welcome back on World of Bullcraft.

It’s time! The first 3 pups have left the nest to their new owners. Bloodrose, Bonnie and Banthok are doing fine. Ofcourse when we get more information and/or photo’s they will be added here. The ears are starting to stand up now, so we will be making new photo’s to update the profiles of each puppy. Bront will be going to live in Holland with his new owners, and is moving there on the 2nd of January (He will be travelling with me when I go to work).

There is quite a bit of interest in our remaining 4 pups (Bert (Baine), Baron, Bath’rah and Braelyn), but there have been no agreements made yet so if you fancy any of them, better make up your mind or be disappointed when it’s already reserved or picked-up by someone else.

In the next few days there will be new pictures added so keep an eye out on your favorites here!