News and Update(s) on our pups

  • 20/04/2012

Hello dear readers,

Here’s another news update on the pups of Emily’s “C” litter.
All 4 females and 3 males have been reserved so far.
They are gonna move troughout Europe,  1 to Holland, 2 to Germany and 3 are staying here in Poland (about an hour drive away from where we live).
All in all a interesting spreading of our bred pups troughout Europe.
That means that only Combat Master Carlos is still free.

Another update regarding Braelyn (a female Bullterriër pup after Pandora x Atylla Hun).
We’ve received pictures from her owners in Warsaw, and she’s developing mighty fine. Check them out.

Well, that’s it for now. If there’s more news we ofcourse will inform you all trough our site. Meanwhile every now and then we add pictures to the pups galleries (also the main one), and video’s on our youtube page when they are made.

So stay tuned and till next post.