All pups are reserved!

  • 13/05/2012

Just a heads up while I’m on the road (as usual at work), all pups have been reserved!

Last thursday 10-05-2012 the “C” litter had it’s checkup by the local Z.K.W.P. which is the Polish department of the F.C.I. organisation in Szczecin. All pups have been declared healthy, are abiding to the race standards and have received their birth certificates (which in time will be exchanged for their official F.C.I. Family Trees).

So the first pups will soon go to their new owners in Germany, Holland and Poland.

So that’s the short post from my distant location (about 1000 km from home) with a mobile connection. I would like to thank everone for the interest expressed and hope to see pictures and (show) results in the future from this litter when they grow up.

To all the new owners, enjoy your bulldog, raise it properly and make us proud! If you wonder what food to get, we’re feeding them on Royal Canin Breed Bulldog Junior 30. So for starters this is what you could feed them on before mixing and switching over to your preferred brand of food.