We have settled…

  • 24/08/2012

Hello again,

After a long time of no news we’re back again. We’ve set-up camp in Grabów (Municipality Tuplice). It’s there (a village with about 40 families) where we bought our house. Lots of work to be done, but it’s dry, the fire burns, water runs and we have power,  electricity, phone aaaand internet again 😀 And we and our dogs have about 3000 m2 of fenced space so we can live in clean air (forests around us) in a reasonable calm area (low traffic). All in all we’re content about our choice to move from Swinoujscie to Grabów. Everyone starts to settle and get used to the new place.

We’re still finding our ways around the villages and towns around (Tuplice, Lubsko, Zary etc.) and are still on the lookout for a very good vet for our dogs. We are informing us around to see and hear other people’s opinions and try to filter out a vet knowlegdable on the races we breed with, specifically bulldogs.

Doctor, dentist and schools for our children are all in Tuplice and are registered. We’ve registered with the municipality Tuplice that we took residence in Grabów. The notarial acts are signed and all other stuff is arranged, so it’s a fact now.

Either way just wanted to let you all know we’ve settled and that the updates will follow in the next few weeks (with new pictures etc.),

For now take care and till next post, Mike.