News Update!

  • 15/07/2013

Hello Readers and Owners,

We have a few news updates for you.

First of all the 45th National Dog Show @ Gorzów Wielkopolski which was held on the 7th of July 2013. We attended the exhibition with Cirilla, Claudia and Coco of World of Bullcraft. At the end of the day we had a Golden medal + CWC for Cirilla and a Bronze medal for Claudia. Coco didn’t manage to earn a medal, but was still judged ‘very good’.

Taurus AmudariaSecond we have new additions to our kennel, a white with patch male bulldog (Taurus Amudaria, we call him Taurus) and a white with patch female bullterriër (Coloroco LOLLIPOP GIRL from Karmacoma, we call her Bonnie).

And now the unfortunate news for a few people that were hoping on pups from Emily. It seems that the date Emily was on with Tres Llunes Invictus was unsuccesful. We have made a ultrasound, and there are no signs of pregnancy. A few people are waiting for Emily to have pups again, so for now it seems they will have to wait average 6 months longer unless a small miracle happens.

So far the news updates, until next time 🙂