It’s a start after all…

  • 31/07/2013

Bullterrier at workAs some of you might’ve noticed all of the sudden quite a few pages and posts have returned here on the site. The database backup I had was a recent one so the text content has been restored. However all the images are not (since I didn’t have the files, and they were not accessible on the old server).

Also all the links have changed (permalink structure) so I have to go trough each post and page to update links, re-upload images, and not to mention relink, resize and restore well over 1100 photo’s from the galleries and countless images from several media galleries. Luckily most of this stuff we have on our computers. It’s just a matter of creating, sorting, tagging and linking it all.

When you see the page for your dog recreated and there’s something missing, don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or trough the webform and point out what went wrong. It’s more than likely we will not have everything stored locally and any additions are more than welcome. Generally I myself delete everything I have uploaded on the server (for sheer storage space reclaiming on my HDD’s, haha), but my wife loves to safe this stuff (lucky that she does so I can actually restore something).

As I wrote earlier, this is a lengthy and time consuming process, but the results slowly show up. At the moment I’m halfway into restoring Didi’s ‘E’ Litter. I decided to work my way back in time. The first few pups of that litter have a new page with a new gallery. Might even be some have pictures that you haven’t seen before, so take your chance and check them out. It might be that the pages require some time to load all the images, so just give it a moment.

The Facebook social plugin is working a treat, liking, sharing, commenting, it can all be done with your Facebook account. I can even share posts to Facebook, so when everything is up to speed I will use this function. For now it’s perfect for those wanting to know what’s going on.

Until next update, Mike.