“D” Litter news and updates…

  • 03/02/2013

Hello dear readers,

Pandora's 'B' LitterAs you might have noticed already if you are a frequent visitor, the pages for the pups have been created and linked trough at several places on the site. Alot of pictures have been added to the general and individual galleries (and I could see we’ve neglected a few pups, so that’s something we will work on in the next few days to make some more pictures of them) and alltogether 6 video’s have been added to our YouTube page (nicely put in a playlist for convenience).

Soon I will be setting up their next ‘home’, a puppy box, because the green apple sandshell that you can see on some pictures is not capable of containing them during nap hours. We’ve also started to feed them on Royal Canin Maxi Starter, and they love it. Pandora’s milk was getting a bit short even with our additional feeding on the Royal Canin Puppy Milk, but this is a perfect addition to get them started on more solid food (although it’s a porridge when we feed them until they are more capable of chewing). After ‘dinner’ they don’t give a sound anymore, and go to sleep with happy full tummies.

Now for the reservations. All pups have been reserved already, Desdemona is ‘the pick of the litter’ by the owners of Severus in exchange for the stud services performed. She is however available in case there’s a serious interest in her. More information can be obtained from the owners of Severus.

And the last news is that Didi is back home from her date with Tres Llunes Invictus. In a few weeks we will know if it was a succesful date or not, and then we can start preparing.

Soooo, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoy the pictures and video’s as much as we do it in real life. Until next time!