All Pups @ new homes

  • 13/03/2013

Hello dear readers,

All Pandora‘s D Litter pups are at their new homes, living the promised lives with their new families. Our house is now ‘quiet’ and ’empty’ while at their new places the joy started of having a new family member in the house. Well, quiet and empty are relative ofcourse, since our dogs are walking around too, but the playing of these pups is no more. Now we can repair the damages in the bathroom, haha. Two hoses ripped to shreds, nothing severe (this time).

Now on to Didi, who is pregnant! The date with Tres Llunes Invictus has been a success. Her belly starts to show, so there’s no real doubt that she is going to have pups in a few weeks time.  We are real curious what the colorations are going to be with this combination. So in a few weeks time it’s all gonna start again, although bulldog pups are generally alot calmer than bullterrier pups 🙂

Until then we reside in about 30 cm of snow here. It’s snowing nearly non-stop, and that for halfway March. A long winter this time, started in November already.