Names have been picked!

  • 29/04/2013

Hello Readers of this blog,

We’ve picked the names for Didi’s “E” Litter pups, and they are as follows:



Unfortunately something is wrong with the photo galleries, and thumbnail creation (server side, so I can’t do much more than make a ticket to the service provider and hope for a quick repair). Therefor creating pages is a terribly slow process, so bear with us. In the next few days I will be able to make all pages available to you with pictures. I have however updated the general gallery for Didi’s “E” Litter with new pictures, and already created a few pages. Each time I complete a page, I will link them trough on all aspects.

Also we have received a few photo’s from Pandora’s “D” Litter pups. I will be adding these in the next few days as well. Again my apologies it takes some time, due to the backend it’s alot of work to add anything mediawise, but it will be done, I promise.