We are still here…

  • 04/04/2014

Hello dear readers and visitors,

Just a short message to let you all know we’re still here.

It’s just a madhouse here that makes us not being able to provide you with much info at the moment.
There’s just soo much work in the house and garden, it’s amazingly neglected over the last few years by the former owners.
We’re trying to restore some glamour here, to the garden mostly.

Just some short info’s on what’s going on here at World of Bullcraft.

We got a few pictures of Electra of World of Bullcraft which we added to her album.
Thank you Sylvia, she grown a beauty!
Also we got a picture of Hugo (a.k.a. E.T. of World of Bullcraft) on our Facebook page in commemoration of his first birthday.
I’ve taken the liberty to download it and add it to his album too.
Thanks Matthias, he looks awesome!
And last we have pictures of Eleanor of World of Bullcraft which we added to her album too.
Thanks Anna, they are beautiful!

Also Cirilla, Claudia and Coco have been covered (more details will follow soon with courtesy pages and all) and are hopefully expecting pups in a good month.
2 different males have been used to make this happen.
The expected deliveries will be spread over 3 weeks time.
They all should deliver one week after another.
We are also looking into the possibility of a natural delivery with them.
We will still have to check many things, and talk it trough with our vets, if this is even remotely possible by measuring, x-rays and the whole shabam.
And if it’s decided we will attempt this, then one of our vets will be present at all times during the delivery, so he/she can intervene with a c-section when needed.
This will be all done at our home if this comes into play.

Also we’ve attended a few shows in Poland, and the results will need to be added to the pages of our terrific trio (Cirilla, Claudia and Coco).

And last but not least we have a new addition to our bulldog family.
He’s kinda a rescue dog from a retired kennel that operated under the umbrella of a fake kennel club here in Poland (the trick done to ‘legalise’ themselves under current Polish legislation), but is in possession of a F.C.I. family tree.
So he will be reinstated to the F.C.I. (papers have been send) and will be a full member of our World of Bullcraft kennel.
He’s originally called Di-Panda Pasja, but we call him Jabberwocky, and I will still need to create him a page.
He’s a white and brindled coloured male, and originates from the ‘Duch Kilimadzaro’ kennel.