Information regarding the Export Family Trees

  • 07/08/2014

Hello Readers and new Owners of our Bulldogs and Bullterriërs,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update regarding the export family trees of our latest pups, since we’ve received a few requests on the status.
So far only two! export family trees have been delivered to new owners because they were just in time before the summer holiday started here in Poland.
Unfortunately all the other family trees were requested while summer holiday were already going in Poland.

This currently means that all export family tree requests are delayed by 1.5 month and counting (so that means 2.5 months at the moment from the start of request).
Rest assured that we are informing ourselves constantly on the progress and when we have them in our possession, we will send them out to you all the same or next day with international priority signed mail in A4 envelopes (not to fold them).
Holiday periods here are lasting a good 2 months, and during that time most official instances are working with a minimum of staff (or even closed for a period of time), and that’s the reason everything is so delayed currently (ofcourse with our excuses, but not within our control).

Further it’s one big mess in and around the house.
A few renovation and renew works have started, and mid-work the building company decided on a week leave of work for guess what… yeah, holiday!
So one of the rooms is bare and only painted with primer, the hallway is half plated with rigips plates, and the kitchen… well, lets not talk about how that looks, haha, there’s not a single tile on the wall anymore and a ceiling is not existing at the moment.

Once all that has been finished I can finally start sorting some things out on the site again (but probably after my next working period which starts in 1 week).
We already received lots of pictures, some video’s and regular emails with messages from the new owners of the pups, and so far great news from all corners of Europe where our pups live.
I do hope to hear from all the other people as well, although they say no news is good news, I rather have (good) news 🙂

That’s it for now.
Take care of yourselves and your dogs during these warm and hot days.
Ella, Mike, the kids and our pack of dogs